Ewire Is Different from Conventional Cards and Other Digital Pre-Paid Instruments

As an end to end digital platform that provides solutions for all kind of digital payments with its unique one of a kind integrated architecture, where one can get a Prepaid ATM card, Dedicated Mobile Application, Integrated QR platfrom for their online and offline transactional needs along with a host of other value added services like IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, BBPS, P2P etc...


Safe & Secure

Ewire reduces the risk of exposing the Primary Card / Account details as customers can always use Ewire ATM cards for all their online and ofline transactional requirements. 

All transactions wheather its online or offline are only authorized after a successful validation of One Time Password, which eliminates the risk of unauthorised transactions.

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Highly Flexible

Ewire Card can be used at any online merchant site that accepts Rupay Prepaid Cards and can also be used at any ATM & POS throughout the nation 

Transaction can be created for any amount, from Rs. 1 to Rs.100,000 (Round).

It enables customers to load money, from any of their bank account and also enpowers customer payments by providing them with multi-payment options.

Ewire cards can be used us a Salary Card, Incentive Card, Travelling Card, Student Card and can also be used us a Petty Cash management tool..

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Entails Discounts And Offers At Many Merchant Stores.

This is another striking feature of Ewire. As a bulk channelizing digital payment platform, along with inherent strength of the combined group of companies, Ewire platform enables merchants to give discounts and offers to customers.

Ewire ATM Smart Cards are powered by RuPay and which gives its users an ultimate shopping experience where they will get unmatched discounts, which elevates their shopping experience.

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Next-Gen Technology

Ewires Cloud Agnostic Platform uses next generation encription technology along with RESTful API which enables our customers to have a fast and secure tranactional experience.

We constantly monitor and evaluate our paltform where we always update & deploy the latest technologies in Ewire to provide a eamless & Secure user experience.

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Easy To Use

Opening a individaul account or a Co-branded Account is the quickest in the industry and the Mobile Application is fine tuned for all your transactional needs

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Zero Loss

No loss of interest in case of loss of card, as transactions are buy backed with OTP verification.

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All-In-One Digital Wallet

Can be used at any online or Ofline platform for either cash withdrawal from ATM's or making Payments at a POS terminal or for Shopping Online

Virtual card allows user to get Pure Digital banking experience from which users can use their Mobile Application for all their online transactional needs

Loyalty points and cash backs will be accumulated in this one card itself.

Buy Tickets, Make Bill Payments or Send/Receive Funds both nationaly and internationaly, or Pay with QR

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