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Ewire QR Code

Ewire QR Code/Coupon Redemption is a efficient platform that provides companies with access to mass marketize platform and promote their products among distributors and regions to improve their distribution network. The QR codes can also be used for providing discounts on next purchases. Ewire QR Code provides the companies with the much needed platform by which they can target areas with focused results and can also, get a understanding of the success of the promotional schemes to tailor make proceeding schemes for maximum market traction and brand goodwill.

Ewire QR code platform provides a uniform platform for companies and its vendors to collaborate and synergise promotional programmes , with at most transparency and efficiency, as every QR Code is unique and cant be duplicated and a versatile dash board is provided to handle the entire process.Under our QR Code Program we provide QR Code generation services, Mobile Application and a dedicated Backend for QR Program Management

Ewire QR Code Mechanism

Key Features

    Key Fetures of Mobile Application:

    • Product Details
    • Customized Promotional Offers
    • QR Code Scan
    • Accumulate points
    • Redeem Points
    • Virtual wallet



    Benefits of Ewire QR:

    • Improved loyalty
    • Increase market traction&

Just in time disbursements

Centralized Disbursement

Ewire QR Code (Merchant QR) Transactional Platform

Ewire QR Code Transactional Platform provides a uniform platform for Co-operative Societies/Banks to collaborate and synergise transactions with at most transparency and efficiency, as every QR Code is unique and can't be duplicated and a versatile dash board is provided to handle the entire process.

Key Benefits:

  • Unique QR Code
  • Fast & Hassle-free Merchant Onboarding
  • Quick & Secure transactions
  • Centralized dash board to manage the QR Code platform
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Generating QR Code

Step-1: In the dashboard provided by Ewire the client ( Co-operative Society/Bank) can fill the below mentioned details to on-board merchants :

  • Current account number opened in the name of the client (Co-operative Society/Bank in the scheduled bank.
  • IFSC of that current account.
  • Mobile number of the merchant (linked with Aadhar) who has an account open in the co-operative Society/Bank.
  • Aadhar number of the merchant.
  • PAN card number of the merchant.

Step-2: After validating the above details the merchant can place their finger on the biometric device and complete their KYC.

Step-3: Once the merchant is on boarded via Full KYC, a QR will be generated which can be downloaded from the same dashboard.

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QR Transactions

Step-1: The generated QR can be placed at the billing and customers can scan and pay through any payment application he/she uses.


Step-2: The amount will be credited to the account open for the merchant in the Co-operative Society/Banks on a real time basis.


Step-3: After completion of the merchant onboarding they will be receiving credentials for their own dashboard from where the merchant can view and/or download the transaction details of all payments through QR.

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